Monday, 8 April 2013

Decide, Commit, Succeed

Yeah, these three words really amused me recently. And i'm also inspired by my lecturer Pak Seta Nugroho when he explained about these on my first Industrial Phsychology lecture. And i'm gonna make a review about his lecture in a different version maybe, because i came very late to the his night class and it makes me hard to get concentrate to his lecture.  I'm really sorry to you Sir, i had a terrible traffic jam on my way from my office at Serpong to the campus :(

OkayNow i had already got my 19 at January, 9th. I think i have to decided or plan for my future as bright as a diamond in the sky. Like the children wishes of what they're going to be the greatest or person in this universe when they're all grown up hahahaha. They're simply think about being a mature human is gonna be wonderful as that!! Innocently, didn't know about anything they should be faced after that. Yeah, that's all happened to my childhood.

Look at these 3 words:

I have a reason why these 3 words were very interesting for me. 

Firstly, start from the word DECIDE (first level)

From the English Dictionary, the word 'decide' means:
1. Reach, make, or come to a decision about something. (verb.cognition)
2. Bring to an end; settle conclusively. (verb.cognition)
3. Cause to decide. (verb.cognition)
4. Influence or determine (verb.cognition)
5. To cut off; to separate. (verb)
6. To determine; to form a definite opinion; to come to a conclusion; to give decision; as, the court decided in favor of the defendant. (verb)

After you passed the 'DECIDE' level you'll enter this new more challenging level, this is:

Almost people are really scared when they meet with this word. So do I. o bet that's a kind of mature thing i don't really like to do. Hard enough to keeping my consistence. Without any consistency your best choice is mean nothing

Finally, SUCCEED!!

Before the 'commiting' to reach the ‘succeed’, you have to 'deciding' first the things which you gonna be commit about. On deciding process, you have to be careful on every steps you will take for reach your goals. Make sure that your choice and the MUST is don't forget to PRAY O:)
For example, when you gonna start studying at college you want, take the suitable major based on your ability and your passion. Don’t push yourself on the things that you never fit into. Just like if you’re wearing shirt or pants in smaller size than yours, you’ll feel uncomfortable that clothes cover your body tightly then appears your-most-unpleasant-body-part that makes you look so fatty and unconfident with yourself in that kind of style. Specially, everyone was born with the different characters inside. God has planned the best future for each person in this universe. And it depends on our effort to make it happen!!!
After you find out that you has found THE MOST (maybe for major, profession, love or anything else), you should arranged the steps, note and stick that on your mind and COMMIT for that that you’ll consistently do every step you’ve planned for. Ready to face many challenges around, then you have to be the WINNER in that challenge to win the ‘SUCCESS’ to your hard effort.

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