Sunday, 7 April 2013

My First Hello

Hello folks!!!
This is a really my first posting in this blog (absolutely). After dizzying with a lot of navigation because my beginner on blogging in this blogger site. Because I always using T*mblr to express my mind, my desire, my interests, and also my passion on that. Even most of my work on that is just REBLOG, REBLOG and REBLOG hahahaha especially for the fashion blogger that envying me. Their are really really gorgeous  person with the amazing capability to work on their passion. They also inspiring me in my whole day life, because i'm one of a kind who still confused about my passion. Honestly, i made this site to becoming more active than before because my psychology lecture gave the task to share our mind in blog hahahahaha. Unique!! Really cool method on giving the task to college student. I really love to do this!!! I don't really care about capacity my writing and designing to make this blog more interest an amusing like these top bloggers did below.

1. Evita Nuh

Some of her cool works!!!

She's just 14 y.o girl who really lucky to be born like that! when i was on this age, i'm only the nerd girl who doesn't had a gorgeous look like her (and also have a lot of cool and expensive fashion stuff like her).At the first time i saw her blog, i was so amazed and adore her cuteness on her very quirky cool outfits. Just like Tavi Gevison of Indonesia. She's also have her own clothing line 'Little Nuh' (aww i also want too!!)

2. Sonia Eryka

She's also another Indonesian lucky girl in the world (in my version hahaha). She has same age with me, but she's really chic adorable girl with her fit-to-her skinny slim model looks (i am really craving for that so damn!!!

okay that's really a end-labile-teens who's freaky adoring fashion. Sorry for the bad opening, readers :p

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