Saturday, 25 May 2013


It was the story on 2012 after I was finished my oral examination for the internship as my final task. Certainly, I wasn't officially graduated from school yet until the graduation ceremony which was held on September 29th, 2012 at such a function-hall or multipurpose-building at school. Thus, with my status who was still 'student' I tried to spread out many applications to some companies. Then waiting for the interview call is the most awaited moment for me. Initially, I was still-not-in-a-hurry condition when i was started to, but then after being jobless for a quite long time (it took for about 3 months, when some of my friend has got their first, second and blablabla salary) it made me got worried.

Okay, i'm still remember when i was first came to such company which I applied to. But for this company, I didn't applied the job that suitable with my background. I thought I'd try the new challenge by looking for the that position maybe there would still a connection between my background to that jobdesc. Moreover, there's no prohibition to apply job which doesn't suitable with your background, because some people did, and they're feel comfort on that. Maybe after being a lil bit gloomy students on my vocational school, I decided to swerve my major to another (maybe) enjoying work, far from that. But unlucky opportunity came to me. After got interview with  HRD staff (without psychology test), then continue for the user interview. I found out that this user refused me subtyl, indirectly deep to my heart! WAW! She said to me that my background is too 'valuable' on this job. This valuable word means you're-not-suitable-in or  this-just-a-piece-of-cake for you. Maybe she was appreciated my skill as a chemical analyst and this job is too simple to me. Okay, from that embarrassing experience, i'll not take any job that unsuitable with my background! *throw that things so far away* *at least for this time*.

Okay, there was many experience I had, every company has its own regulation to recruit its employee. Not all companies use the psychology test as the requirements on recruitment process. And for those all, i have never passed through the psychology task session on something like consultant. Even there's only 2 candidates who applied to (so i have only 1 competitor). And foolishly both of us didn't pass that session including the interview session. Very exhausted if I remembered when I did the very much problems I should do in a limited certain time. When I did that PSYCHOtest I feel like the sickening feeling  throughout my body, I was difficult to finished that correctly and appropriately with my truly skill. Maybe my personality was matched but I couldn't show that in test, so i wasn't passed that PSYCHOtest smoothly..

And for the interview session, both HRD and user I always get confused and made a awkward answer if they ask me for what is my advantages and my disadvantages. I'm afraid to looked selfish when I told my advantages and I also scared to looked undeserved to told my disadvantages to them. And they response are various, it depends on what kind of interviewer personality, there's interviewer who really appreciated of what I'm talking about my self, and there's also that (seems) unlike of, and they usually gave such a trap-question like 'what's my future plan?', 'what will you do if there's a problem during work?' I'm difficult to answer that in correct way. As a beginner, I always get trapped and absurd moment occurred between me and interviewer..

And usually the some companies also hold a Medical Check-Up requirements for those candidates, in this part maybe a sign that candidates will automatically accepted for that company. But there's a bit people who failed to pass this part, because they had a serious disease that company will rejected them. From that part I also learn that being healthy is the most valuable things. And gratefully I'm in a health condition until now (i hope forever, AMEN).Okay that's all my experience in finding job, see you in another post!

Friday, 17 May 2013


After dizzying the theoretically definition of the truly HRD task, i'll tell you explicitly about some cases happened in a real work life.

These case based on my experience as a young (maybe not truly) 'hard' worker. This word hard doesn't means I'M-INTO-YOU or ALL-MY-LIFE-INTO-YOU or something in excessively meaning. It gonna be the UNWANTED-CRUEL-JOB-I-DID or NOBODY-HELP-YOU-IN-THAT (sorry for the cheezy or cliché term, i'm tryna be an up-to-date blogger hahahaha~). Seems like a trap, right? ABSOLUTELY!! I has trapped in that (for me) 'gloomy' place. As if I have no way out from that place. All I done for getting myself out from there. But no result. When some of my closest (in a same boat) friend was get themselves out of there after they got a new job outside. How a misery I was after their left. Sick in tired all day long, can't stop grumbling when complicated trouble attacks during work. The word 'OUT! OUT! OUT! Looking for a better job, Riss!' buzzing in my brain all day long. How the 'resignation endemic' occurs in my workplace. 

They also had almost the same  reason for that. When this gloomy place couldn't be able a 'temporary comfort zone' for some those employee who are still study on universities like i do. Here, we haven't paid in the 'truly' standard of salary. That HRD has manipulate that become seems-over-the-standard. With a lot of allowance (in indonesian word: tunjangan), whereas the base salary (gaji pokok, i don't know the english word exactly) is still UNDER THE STANDARD, too far indeed. Unfortunately, my jobdesc is always-crowded-till-you-die. I often do overtime almost everyday. But how about the result? Was I got suitable?  Can I be a billionaire after being-a-half-die-work almost everyday?  NO! VERY BIG NO NO! My time and my health is everything. When i often arrive late at home, creepy moment during the journey to home, like difficult to get the public transportation on that (my workplace located near the frontier between Bogor and Tangerang, it's a lil bit quite road on night). Really bad management of production time. Hate for that. Besides, my jobdesc is not cool at all! There's no skill I've got from that disgusting kind of jobdesc. That's only a trash for an chemical analyst when it really could do by un-skill-ed person not as I am (okay sorry it's too arrogant, but that's a truly fact). Such there's a fatal error on that human resources placement. When the  valuable HR from reputable school/universities is placed in a wrong place.
The most offended moment for me was the salary rising, when i find out that my basic salary was SAME with the labors! The difference is only for the functional allowance as an chemical analyst. How a life...When my effort for being struggle in such-unwanted-school is just a vain. Maybe this is one of the factor why those employee seems to compete like 'who's leave this place quikly'. Another essentials reason besides other nasty reason is the CANTEEN. Okay this is one of thousand ways for some industries to fool their labor is never cares about the health and tasty meal. Has mentioned before that company has deceived about a lot of fake allowance on paying their employee, such as MEAL. 

Then, almost freshgrads like I was, they'll be deceived in the contract offer. ERRRRGGHHHH, if there was no announcement session on graduation last year, i'll not take this job carelessly. 


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Confusing of Human Capital and Human Resources term

Hello Folks! I'll back with the new (i hope) informative lecture review for you all! Again, this is for my Industrial Psychology task about the HCM and HRM. What does those term means? Yeah maybe in this 'serious topic' i'll try to be an informative blogger than a spam blogger. Okay, in this review i want to (maybe try) to explain some terms which is exist (more than just EXIST, i mean) in your office. Honestly, almost employee in my office think the same with me with this creature (oops sorry, i'm scared it's gonna be a vulgar post). They're sooooooooooo damn creepy, annoyed, liar, deceiver, not transparent, unfair etc etc etc. Mmm yeah that's only an employee's point of view about them in my working environment. Sometimes i think their jobdesc are really cool, when they seems to have almost authority in a company even they'll be the most ******** person in the workplace. Okay, before this post becoming too spam, i'll be explain who they are actually (as a human resources).

The HR Point of View

Theoritically, i'll explain about what the ORGANIZATION means where the HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT and HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT do their own 'mission'

Based on, Organization is a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals
All organizations have a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities and the members, and subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out different tasks. Organizations are open systems, they affect and are affected by their environment. You can see this figure below.

The Diagrams


HRM is a policy to determine the human resources aspects as management position in obtaining process, training, evaluating, and give compensation to employees, pay attention to their employment, health, security, and for their justice (Garry Dessler) while from John M. Ivancevich is a program that involved effectively by people-employees to facilitate them to achieve  the organization and individual purpose.

HCM is an effort to manage and develop the manpower to gain the higher performance significantly (Chatzkel) and from the Kearns point of view is to create a value through person and this is a philosophy of human development.

We can conclude that HRM and HCM is also manage all of employment aspects based on management functions.

and how about the DIFFERENCE...

HRM and HCM By Gunawan Tjokro:
- From paradigm side, HCM assumed HR as organization key source while HRM is assumed as a supporting power.
- HCM focused itself in strategic steps to maximalized talent for creating value that can direct and accelerate the business strategy while HRM focused on adding value to make sure that HR supporting the implementation of business strategy.
- From the measurement of the effectiveness of HR on achieving the organization. HCM consider importantly   the effectiveness level of human capital management in achieving to organization. That's why measurement tools development on HCM becoming important. Comparing to HRM, contribution measurement is actually exist but doesn't as strong as HCM.


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