Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Such a veeeery long hiatus LOL. Since i've been confused of what kinda post shoulda bring for my 'slipshod' blog. After complied my assignment for Psychological Industry subject, I end up doing nothing for this blog. Actually i really want to post some random things for a long time (it means i literally become a 'real' blogger) but I just don't know how to make it. Seems it might be a 'perfectionist' or lazy person though. But honestly I got some 'scared' or maybe a 'worried'  rather than that 'lazy' feeling. Yeah it's such a human nature when you tryna show the world who you really are. Definetely, there would be a negative critism, harassing comments and other things you'll receive as a result of your action. And eventually when I realized that no one I should scare about, it just made me a bold-minded person who just dont care about everthings happened around me LOL.

I was attending Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 Day 3 on Saturday, February 22nd 2014 which is took place on Jakarta Convention Center. I came with my partner-in-every-ocassion, Sry or me and my friends always called her 'Sray' (she also blogged this maybe you'll find out that our blog has the similar photos yeah because we were together there and took some #ootd photos together) As you know I always feels really enthusiast for any kinda things called 'fashion'. So I don't want to missed one of the biggest fashion event in Indonesia.

Sorry if I took almost myself photos rather than the situation if the event itself :p. As you know being narcist is never wrong somehow. So dont judge lol.

"Zooming Preview" Fashion Show

Here is some of my #ootd below:

 What I Wore:
Cream Sleveless Top - Trifty N Co.
Tartan Skirt - Trifty N. Co
Tartan Necklace - Trifty N. Co
Gold Sneaker Wedges - Gosh
Gold Sequin Bag - J.estina Inspiration