Sunday, 8 June 2014

Get Mad Get Plaid

Oh it's been a while i'm not post anything. I've been much busy since i'm taking Korean Class now. I usually get home in a very late at night. Exhausted? Absolutely. But yeah, life is never been easy, huh? Okay, i don't want to be a blogger who only post about fashion people. Since i'm not fashion people tho. I'm just doing this blog for fun and yes for my personal pleasure. Not too serious, since you also realized that i'm still a not-so-good when i'm do blog. Well, remember it's all are just for fun. 

Yes, It's Plaid. Or people also called this amazing pattern, Tartan. In my previous post i also wearing this kind of stuff when i was attended Indonesia Fashion Week Event and now in this post I also wearing this pattern to shop in 3rd event of Indonesia Fashion Care (INFARE). See that? You may say that i am kinda boring person, lack of style or whatsoever. I just have no words to say that this is truly my current favorite fashion item. I dont know why. It's just can't get enough of it. This isn't a new trend but it's EVERYWHERE. There are so many celebrities and fashion blogger wearing this plaid trend. It became popular and maybe this is kind of 'The Evelasting Item' you should guys have. Also, this is a 'multifunction' item. You could be a very chic, vintage or even looks very gothic in one items. This is just how you match them with another outfit. It's really fun isn't it? Then I choose to be a bit touch of Harajuku inspired. Neither too Harajuku nor gothic though. I don't know what it looks lol. 

Anyway we are now getting closer to 'Fasting Day'! or Moeslems usually called 'Ramadhan'. Yeah it's still about 1 months to go from now on! It means The Eid Day will come after that fasting day. Even though i'm not moeslems but i really love to buy ramadhan meals which really delicious and of course I LOVE HOLIDAY! and THR (kind of bonus for your religion celebration day) lol. There will be about 10 days off work then. And for all of you who want to looks stylish yet gorgeous on that day but you don't  really like to go to the crowded department store, i reccomend you to take a look at this one of online store based in Indonesia!. And yes that is Zalora ! They provide a lot of fashion items to wear and of course there is a Lebaran section with a VERY HUGE SALE! Woohoo~ who doesn't love discount? Everybody loves DISCOUNT. Then what are ya'll waiting for? You can check them out directly before regreting yourself in such a crowd-party~

What I Wore:
Never Coast Black Mesh Shirt - Unbranded
Plaid Skirt - Thirift Store
Smiley Sling Bag - Lilmiscollete
Red Socks - Sox Galeri
Chain Black Shoes - Unbranded

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