Thursday, 28 August 2014

That Rooftop, The Wind Blows

Last sunday, me and my friends attended to a fashion week event which presented by the one of reputable university in this state. The show was performed by a lot of sopisticated Indonesian local brands and also by the one of the best fashion school in Jakarta. Uniquely, it held on a rooftop of the department store building. I'm so excited that i could take a (quite) lot of #OOTD photos there. Some shots are captured by Wulan from Bootsy Doopsy and also by Sry from Razzle-Dazzle. Thanks for your help and understanding me that i couldn't take a decent pose (LOL). It's just because one shot is never enough for me T_T

Well yeah, there was so much wind and we were all too busy to tidy our hair up and hold our hat so tightly to prevent it would fly with the wind away. For me, i also keep my skirt 'safe' when the wind attacked to blew it like I always seen on comedy scene lol. Here is one of (maybe) my 'almost' wardrobe malfunction disaster. This picture is still decent to be published here instead of others T_T (if you know what I mean)


What I Wore:
Round Hat - H&M
Ambush Sweater - LO by Lovita Hilman
Leather Skirt - Something Borrowed
Boots - LaSenora
Sling Bag - Zorra