Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Zalora Fashion Fever Week

Calling out all fashionistas in town!

Holla i'm back again with (exactly) a new blog post! Today I'm gonna tell you guys about something we are all outfit sucker craving for. And of course It's related to shopping! For those who are never try to buying some stuffs from this the-most-happening-online-store-in-South East Asia, oh well you're so (sorry fot telling this) 'ancient'. If you're claimed yourself as shopaholic specifically for fashion stuff it's almost imposibble for you to missed this offer! Maybe It's a rare thing for you to buying stuff from your favorite brands with discount up to 80% and this online store will provide you Indonesia customers from July 22 till July 31 of 2015! So here it is the ZALORA Fashion Fever Week!

Isn't it too crazy for you? For me It's kind of Well-I-have-to-keep-my-saving-up for brace myself to join this party because I can't help it... And I've been a loyal customer for Zalora because I love to see my order are safely yet quicky delivered to my home and they never disappointed me for the quality of their products. So yeah it's highly reccommended! And this is a list of the brands which are joining this fever, they are:
River Island, Mango, ZALORA, ZALORA BASIC, New Look, Factorie, 24:01, Point One, Cocolyn, Les Catino, Accent, Mint, Embellish, Tutu, Tucked In, Rip Curl, Levis, Lois, Dr Kevin, Jim Joker, Salt N Pepper, Asylum, FTL, 3Second, Greenlight, Famo, Moutley.

And maybe these 'breaktaking pictures' of me could inspire you guys: