Friday, 2 October 2015

Zalora Scholarship - The Science of Fashion

Hello lovely readers, 
Hope everything goes really well because life is never flat (kinda cliche phrase lol you know :p), it's getting harder day by day cuz no one can't deny it. As for me i've been struggling through these years with a lot of obstacles. Now i feel like i've already reach my limit. Like i have no time for develop this blog, makin it worthier to read. I have no space in my mind for letting my brain for inovating other things which is truly my passion because of these unavoided things should i passed by. If you feel the same with me, all things you need to do is just push yourself into such precious things, no need to worry if you have nothing to impress other people, do your own part whole-heartedly will do. I'm everyday who is thinking I really have nothing. But then it always a things you have to sacrifice in order to make it happen. I'm a extremely multitasking kind of person, I'm a 21y.o girl who is living in a small town near capital city, wake up in a very early morning when everybody still enjoying a deep sleep for full-time working, also i sacrifice my weekend for going to university for gaining my 'parents pride' by achieving a degree. Despite that i have another passion which i fight for to become my carreer eventually. So don't miss anykind of oppotunity who comes because it doesn't come twice. And i'm gonna share you guys about something you could work-your-ass-off. It might be something you are searching for. And surprisingly it comes from my favorite fashion online webstore ZALORA!
They're hold a scholarship program to help you changing your passion into into yours truly career! Here are the steps as shown by the image below:

Is that really interested for you? Personally "The Science of Fashion" is really interested to be disscused. Since i'm a person who are working and studying in a science but also a fashion-junkie at the same time. It seems freaking related to me lol and i'm interested to enroll this program! Do not hesitate if you have any questions about this program because ZALORA will always there to help you. Goodluck lovely minds!