Friday, 2 October 2015

Zalora Scholarship - The Science of Fashion

Hello lovely readers, 
Hope everything goes really well because life is never flat (kinda cliche phrase lol you know :p), it's getting harder day by day cuz no one can't deny it. As for me i've been struggling through these years with a lot of obstacles. Now i feel like i've already reach my limit. Like i have no time for develop this blog, makin it worthier to read. I have no space in my mind for letting my brain for inovating other things which is truly my passion because of these unavoided things should i passed by. If you feel the same with me, all things you need to do is just push yourself into such precious things, no need to worry if you have nothing to impress other people, do your own part whole-heartedly will do. I'm everyday who is thinking I really have nothing. But then it always a things you have to sacrifice in order to make it happen. I'm a extremely multitasking kind of person, I'm a 21y.o girl who is living in a small town near capital city, wake up in a very early morning when everybody still enjoying a deep sleep for full-time working, also i sacrifice my weekend for going to university for gaining my 'parents pride' by achieving a degree. Despite that i have another passion which i fight for to become my carreer eventually. So don't miss anykind of oppotunity who comes because it doesn't come twice. And i'm gonna share you guys about something you could work-your-ass-off. It might be something you are searching for. And surprisingly it comes from my favorite fashion online webstore ZALORA!
They're hold a scholarship program to help you changing your passion into into yours truly career! Here are the steps as shown by the image below:

Is that really interested for you? Personally "The Science of Fashion" is really interested to be disscused. Since i'm a person who are working and studying in a science but also a fashion-junkie at the same time. It seems freaking related to me lol and i'm interested to enroll this program! Do not hesitate if you have any questions about this program because ZALORA will always there to help you. Goodluck lovely minds!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Zalora Fashion Fever Week

Calling out all fashionistas in town!

Holla i'm back again with (exactly) a new blog post! Today I'm gonna tell you guys about something we are all outfit sucker craving for. And of course It's related to shopping! For those who are never try to buying some stuffs from this the-most-happening-online-store-in-South East Asia, oh well you're so (sorry fot telling this) 'ancient'. If you're claimed yourself as shopaholic specifically for fashion stuff it's almost imposibble for you to missed this offer! Maybe It's a rare thing for you to buying stuff from your favorite brands with discount up to 80% and this online store will provide you Indonesia customers from July 22 till July 31 of 2015! So here it is the ZALORA Fashion Fever Week!

Isn't it too crazy for you? For me It's kind of Well-I-have-to-keep-my-saving-up for brace myself to join this party because I can't help it... And I've been a loyal customer for Zalora because I love to see my order are safely yet quicky delivered to my home and they never disappointed me for the quality of their products. So yeah it's highly reccommended! And this is a list of the brands which are joining this fever, they are:
River Island, Mango, ZALORA, ZALORA BASIC, New Look, Factorie, 24:01, Point One, Cocolyn, Les Catino, Accent, Mint, Embellish, Tutu, Tucked In, Rip Curl, Levis, Lois, Dr Kevin, Jim Joker, Salt N Pepper, Asylum, FTL, 3Second, Greenlight, Famo, Moutley.

And maybe these 'breaktaking pictures' of me could inspire you guys:

Friday, 2 January 2015

Sheer in Black

2014 is completely over and we are welcoming for a whole new world of 2015! Yeay! All the things that I went through during the past 365 days was very priceless and encouraging. I couldn't be happier that my 2014-have-to-do-list are almost done. Still a lots of things to do for this coming year and I have to write out all my annual resolutions in my mind (and i'm not going to tell you guys bcs it's a kind of personal matter and literally still not really sure about it :p). 

What I Wore:
Sheer Black Dress - Something Borrowed (Zalora)
Bodycon Cut Out Dress - Unbranded
Chain Sling Bag - Zorra
Black Shoes - LaSenora

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Flowing Perfection

What I Wore:
Round Hat - H&M
Grey Sets - Odioli
Sking Bag - Zorra
Stripes Cardigan - Berrybenka
Clear Sandals - Uniqlo 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Sorry for the overexposure photos since I took all of these in the noon when the sun is at its brightest shine. And it's damn burnin'. I hate it. Why? Because i got tanned already since i was born. Not such a nice tan. Mine is ugly tan (lol sorry for not being grateful) then i dont wanna get tanner anymore (dark-skinned kinda girl) For me sunlight is such an enemy. I bet you guys (asian girls) are doing it too, aite? But then I'm happy to see this skin of mine looks bright and healthy with that illuminous sun rays in these photos *Praise God* yeah can't stand any longer for sure. Well i'm getting so much busier these days. I'm starting to not-have-a-weekend whatsoever. What a life. I wish I could graduate faster. Couldn't wait for that 2 years left.

What I Wore:
Black Cap and Dress - Odioli
Black Mesh Skirt - LO by Lovita Hilman
Chain Sling Bag - Zorra
White Sandals - LaSenora

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tokyo Kid

If you know me personally, i am a kind of person who can be very shy and ridiculous at the same time. And this all depends on the situation. Yes, I'm a type of situational person. But i'd rather be an emotional person if you are messed me up (LOL). No worries i'm still capable to manage my anger and do laugh as insane as other people can't. Anyway this is what i wore when i went to Gogirl Passion Expo 2014 which held on Senayan City with some of my friends. It was so crowded there but we all had so much fun and (also) tired.


Well, It's nuff for my absurd photos. I'm trying to look cool, cute, fierce, swag whatsoever but I always end up with all of these. My bad :(. Here's my companion plus I have one new friend! (on my left side) She's Wulan's boarding house mate. And she's from Malaysia (I forgot her name T_T). She's so nice and funny. It was really nice too meet ya and I hope to see you again in the future! These photos are taken by Wulan, but sadly and stupidly i forgot to take photos with her! Because it's her last day in Jakarta and tomorrow she have to go back to her hometown in Surabaya. Till next time, Wulan!

What I Wore:
Tokyo Snapback - Unbranded
Cubics Jumper - Thrift
Leather Short - Kei&Kori (via Zalora)
Smiley Sling Bag - Lilmisscolette
Cut Out Boots - Spotlight

Friday, 5 September 2014

Woman in Black

This is maybe the most feminine and elegant look i ever posted in my blog. LOL indeed because i have only a few post about outfits (still trying to be a good blogger, though). Actually i'm not a girly, sweety, cutey kind of girl whatsoever who always dress up prettily everywhere or in a certain ocassion. if you want me to look girlier then this is it!

What I Wore:
Black Mesh Crop Top - H&M
Two Slit Skirt - Ghaida (via
Wedges - UP
Bag - Mom's